Province/Territory: Alberta

Soar on a zipline from a ski jump and ride an Olympic bobsleigh for thrills of a lifetime

  • 510 metre long zipline
  • 120 km/hr ride in a bobsleigh
  • 90 metre ski jump tower above Calgary is your launch pad

Zip from Calgary’s highest point and tuck in a bobsleigh to thunder down the slope. It’s the Adrenaline Combo at Winsport’s Canada Olympic Park a double thrill of a lifetime. What was home to many events during the 1988 Olympics is now training facilities for world class athletes and thrilling adventures for you. Your participation supports Canadian winter high performance athletes like your bobsleigh pilots. Tucked into the sled begin your hair-raising ride. The track starts to blur as your sled corners to the left and right. Suddenly the famous Kreisel turn has you experience 3G Forces. Catch your breath! You just rocketed down an Olympic track!
With harness and parachute in hand, return to the top to experience another adrenaline rush. But first – take in the panoramic view while perched at top of the 90 metre ski jump high above the skyline of Calgary. Clip onto the cable and fly! The cable zings and you scream! A toss of the parachute slows you before the sudden stop at the bottom. It’s the fastest you’ll go without wings!

Why you should visit

• Experience the thrill of riding on an Olympic bobsleigh course – on which the legendary track the Jamaican team rose to fame.
• Zip faster and longer on a single zip-line than anywhere else in North America.
• Ride a chairlift to the top to experience the family-friendly Skyline Luge attraction. You control the speed of your sled as it glides the twisting 1800 metre course.
• Rent a mountain bike and use the chairlift to take you to the top to ride the challenging course through the trees.
• Take a few hours to enjoy the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame as part of your Canada Olympic Park experience.
• Relive your Adrenaline Combo as you challenge your friends to a game of mini golf.


• There is warm summer weather June through August with daily July temperatures of 24°C, but cooling to 8°C in the evening. June is the wettest month with 70 mm of rain.
• In summer months expect the sun to rise before 6 AM with it setting over the mountains as late as 10 PM.
• September marks the coming of fall. Normal daily temperatures are dipping from 10°C in September to 5°C in October with the evenings still above freezing.
• Winter can be very cold, dipping on occasion to -30°C.
• Spring temperatures rise dramatically from the winter months. March has highs of 5°C but by May the average is 16°C.
• Discover local weather information.  Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada's Canadian Climate Website.

Visitor information

Hours of Operation
Prices and Pre-Bookings
• Mountain bike rentals available on site.
• Canada Olympic Park is wheelchair accessible but the Adrenaline Combo is not.
• On-site bank machine and café.

When to go

• The Adrenaline Combo is open May through September.
• Beat the crowds by arriving early in the day.
• In the winter, check out the winter Bobsleigh ride.

Need to know

• Zip-line and Bobsleigh rides are extreme activities and are not recommended for individuals who suffer from neck, back, heart or kidney conditions.
• Participants must weigh between 70 and 250 lbs (32 – 115 kg).
• Pregnant women are not allowed on either activity.
• Secure footwear is required.
• Mountain biking trails open to the public on weekends and evenings. Bike rentals available.
• Allow at least five hours to fully explore all the activities and museum.

Getting Here

• Located on the west side of Calgary, an easy 15 minute drive from downtown.
Access via public transit from anywhere in Calgary.
• Taxis are available to-and-from the area.
• Free on-site parking for cars and RVs.
• Easily accessed by Calgary’s bike path.