Province/Territory: Nunavut

Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge – Spring Caribou Migration

  • 350,000 migrating caribou
  • 04 Arctic predators - wolves, grizzly bears, wolverines and eagles
  • 14 nights under the Midnight Sun

Touch down on a dirt airstrip alongside Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge on the Nunavut Barren Lands just north of the Manitoba border. Head by snowmobile onto the tree-less tundra with your guide and suddenly find yourself surrounded by a river of hundreds of moving caribou rushing northwards on a 500-kilometre spring migration to their calving grounds. Feel the adrenaline when you spot a wolf, wolverine, grizzly or black bear tracking the herd. Experience thrilling, raw nature up close on this  authentic Arctic safari. Return at day’s end to the timber lodge on the frozen shores of Ennadai Lake, five-star wilderness luxury. Try ice fishing. Snowshoe or cross-country ski in the nearby woods. Migrate with the caribou to overnight at a rustic outpost camp. Then savour a chef-prepared gourmet meal complemented by fine Canadian wines. Settling into your room, remember to peek outside - you might just see some of the 350,000-strong Qamanirjuaq caribou herd passing right outside your window under the Midnight Sun.

Why you should visit
• A unique opportunity to experience the age-old, long-distance migration of the last herd of healthy caribou with a stable population in North America. • Seeing Arctic predators in the wild, stalking the Qamanirjuaq caribou herd. • Learning from Inuit staff about their culture and past and present interactions with caribou in this remote location.   • Taking part in snowy outdoor activities and overnighting in an outpost camp on the tundra. • Staying in comfort at a luxury lodge deep in the Arctic wilderness. • Experiencing the 24-hour daylight of the Midnight Sun.


Tundra weather conditions can change quickly and dramatically in every season. While spring days can feature 24-hour blue skies and warm sunshine, weather can also vary to cloudy, windy, cool days with possible light showers, sleet, even snow. Average daily temperatures range between -5°C to +20°C in May. Precipitation is light - less than 150mm per year (6 inches). Discover local weather information. Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada's Canadian Climate Website.

Visitor information

Rates and dates

• Last minute supplies can be picked up in Yellowknife, NWT where there are banks, shops, hotels and restaurants.

When to go

As the migration is brief, there is only one spring trip to Arctic Haven, in early May. 

Need to know
• It’s not necessary to be experienced in outdoor travel to take part in this Arctic exploration: first timers with a good sense of adventure are welcome. • The most important item of gear to bring is a comfortable pair of insulated rubber boots.  • Also pack a rain jacket and a layer of synthetic (not cotton) long underwear which is the best first layer next to your skin. • Parkas and insulated pants are available for rental. • Sunscreen is handy during the 24 hour daylight: insect repellent will not be necessary as it is too early for bug season on the Barren Lands.
Getting Here

• Visitors generally arrive in Yellowknife the day before their scheduled departure to Arctic Haven on one of several airlines that service Yellowknife Airport (YVF) from Southern Canada.

 • The following day, aboard a private plane, fly 1 hour 55 minutes (750 kilometres)  eastward to the airstrip at Arctic Haven.