Province/Territory: Saskatchewan

Bootlegging, Brothels and Bribery

  • 02 tours into the underground history of Moose Jaw
  • 2254 kilometres to Chicago where the bootleg whiskey was sold
  • 750 square metres of tunnels to explore

Walk into a world of fact and fiction in the Tunnels of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan where the Chicago Connection tour links Moose Jaw with the infamous gangster, Al Capone. No one knows if the famous bootlegging hooligan actually was in Moose Jaw but what lies in the dark maze of tunnels under the city of Moose Jaw is a great lesson in prairie history. Your group is led into tunnels originally used to service underground steam boilers that heated the city in the early 1900s. When prohibition in the USA abolished alcohol, the mobsters in Chicago saw the direct train line to the sleepy little town with a labyrinth of a basement the ideal location to brew white lightning. Your guide (or is he a mob boss?) weaves you through the tunnels while weaving a story of facts and fiction with artifacts and animatronics. You’ll learn how Al Capone’s goons adapted the tunnel into a hideout with a distillery, gambling hall and brothel. He’ll even show you how they paid off the police chief and escaped the long arm of the RCMP. It’s a wild story worth reliving. The second tour is one of hardship called the Passage to Fortune. Your guide immerses you into the story of early Chinese immigrants following their path through the tunnels to their underground lodgings, stores, and laundry. From street level Moose Jaw looks like your typical prairie city - it’s amazing what can hide two metres underground.

Why you should visit
  • Two tours (50 minutes each) offering totally different experiences using only 20% or 750 square metres of the original tunnels.
  • The Chicago Connection tour takes you through the illegal activities of 1929 using the tunnels and secret stairways as part of the tour.
  • The Passage of Fortune tour reveals the story of the early Chinese immigrants. Guides will immerse you into the story to feel what it was like to live hidden in the tunnels.
  • Enjoy the actors as they portray gangsters or immigrants.
  • Learn about the illegal history of Moose Jaw that was kept hidden for so many years.
  • Soak in the one of Canada’s best sources of therapeutic mineral waters at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa.
  • Take a ride above ground on the Moose Jaw Trolley. Summer tours enlighten guests about the history in the daytime while evening tours tell a more ghostly tale.


  • Moose Jaw is in a region of Saskatchewan[] that experiences long cold and dry winters with pleasant warm summers.
  • Moose Jaw welcomes Spring (April – May) with average daily highs of 12°C in April and 19°C in May. Nights are still chilly and you should expect to see frost overnight in April.
  • Summer days (June to August) experience daytime average temperatures reaching 26°C, cooling off in the evening to 10°C. June is the wettest month receiving an average of 160 mm of rain.
  • Fall (September through October) sees daytime average temperatures range from 12°C to 19°C, with the nights cooling off to 5°C in September and freezing temperatures at night in October.
  • Winters (December to March) can be blanketed in a light layer of snow with a daily average temperature of -5°C in December and -8°C in January. Winter months can see daily lows of -30°C, so winter apparel is required. By March the daily high is around 12°C.
  • Discover local weather information. Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada's Canadian Climate Website.
Visitor information
  • Hours and Admission Prices.
  • Consider booking both tours back to back for discount admission.
  • On-site gift shop.
  • Restaurants and shopping nearby.
When to go
  • Open for tours all year, except Christmas Day.
  • Beat the crowds by arriving for the morning tours.
Need to know
  • The tours are underground in tunnels that have been reinforced for safety.
  • Tours are limited to 15 guests at a time so advanced booking is suggested.
  • Limited wheelchair access.
  • The Passage to Fortune tour has one short flight of stairs equipped with a lift and is otherwise on one level.
  • The Chicago Connection has several flights of stairs.
Getting Here
  • Located in the heart of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
  • Taxi service is available.
  • Easy access to Moose Jaw public transit.
  • There is limited street parking but a free non-paved parking lot is available 1 block away that can accommodate cars, buses and RV’s.