Province/Territory: Ontario

Talking to Nature

  • 07 painters – The Group of Seven – immortalized Algonquin Park
  • 7,653 square kilometres (2,955 square miles) of lakes, rivers and forest
  • 150 to 170 endangered Eastern Canadian Wolves

Gather on Thursday nights in August in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario’s oldest and most iconic natural landscape, for a unique Calling the Wolves excursion. In the open-air amphitheatre, your guides reveal the ecology of Eastern Canadian Wolves. Discover how they hunt, what they eat and how they help shape the park’s personality. Interpreters tracked the wolves’ movement earlier in the week, just a short drive away. Then the highway is closed, engines silenced and it’s time to start communing with nature. Your guides make the first call, imitating a long, low wolf howl. Stand still. Peer into the darkness. Hold your breath and wait. Even though this is a group outing, it feels like a one-on-one connection - just you and the wolf – when you hear the eerie sound of the wolves calling back. From the dark. From the wild. Expect goosebumps.

Why you should visit
  • Experience the pristine nature of Ontario's oldest provincial park.
  • Take a seat in an amphitheatre to learn how wolves hunt, play and roam.
  • Load up for a short drive to where the wild things are.
  • Gaze into the dark, starry night and listen as yellow birch leaves rustle in the breeze.
  • Listen intently, speak softly, step quietly.
  • Pay attention as your guide imitates the howls of a wolf.
  • Feel goosebumps when you hear the first strains of a wild wolf howling back.


Visitor information
  • Wolf Howl Dates.
  • The nearest town is Huntsville where there are banks, a post office, gas stations and shops to pick up supplies.
When to go
  • Wolf howling expeditions take place on Thursdays in August, or in early September before the Labour Day long weekend - from 8:00pm - 11:00pm – on evenings when weather and accessible wolves permit.
  • If a Public Wolf Howl is not held, there will be a "Wolves of Algonquin Park" presentation instead.
Need to know
  • Consult the online Events Calendar for upcoming Wolf Howls.
  • Arriving in the Park, check bulletin boards on the day of a scheduled Wolf Howl for confirmation.
  • If you plan to attend a Public Wolf Howl, make sure your vehicle is full of gas when you reach the park.
  • Arrive at the Outdoor Theatre early.
  • It’s necessary to purchase a permit to enter the park.
  • Camping and yurt accommodation is available.
  • Dogs are not allowed.
  • Dress warmly.
Getting Here