Canada for thrill seekers and seekers of solitute

  • 00 roads lead to Nunavut
  • 11th-century Viking settlement
  • 44 National Parks represent Canada's natural landscapes

Paddle for weeks on a northern river and not see a soul, hike across a glacier and not see footprints, ride a horse for a week and never cross paths with a stranger. Canada is full of untouched wilderness where adventurous people can challenge their comfort zone and create life long memories of epic adrenaline pumping proportions. Head to Alberta to climb mountain peaks or meander through the alpine meadows. Walk across a glacier to meet new friends as you share tales in huts built by mountaineers. Or, spend a week on horseback tracking elusive wolf packs. Hear them howl as you camp under the stars. Head to the far north to experience the midnight sun during a week-long canoe trip down a mighty northern river, or use that time to reel in a boat-tipper of a northern fish! Fill your camera in Northen Manitoba with stunning photos of polar bears, muskox or herds of caribou. Imagine the thrill of peering off the bow of your boat to see beluga whales drift beneath the waves. Are you brave enough to snorkel with whales off the coast of Newfoundland? Maybe a winter adventure by dogsled under the northern lights is the thrill you crave. Adventures and thrills and trips of a lifetime are abundant in Canada.


  • Guide your team of sled dogs on a two day adventure into the velvet snow crusted backcountry of Alberta.
  • Take a three-day summertime trek over glaciers and high alpine meadows on the Wapta glacier traverse .
  • Find that inner cowboy with a week of herding the cattle and working the range on a remote ranch.
  • Discover dinosaurs alongside palaeontologist on a three-day dig in the remote UNESCO heritage protected Badlands of Alberta.


  • See Polar Bears from the safety of the big glacier buggy in Churchill Manitoba.
  • Lazy Bear Lodgecombines camping, kayaking and hiking adventures to discover the rugged wilds of northern Manitoba.
  • Birds, Belugas and barren wilderness hiking safaris are part of the tour with Churchill Wild.
  • Head to northern Manitoba for polar bear sightings in the day and aurora borealis at night.

Newfoundland & Labrador

  • Get up close and personal then dive in for a swim with whales.
  • Hike remote landscapes, float through towering fjords, track herds of caribou and gain knowledge from Parks Canada guides and Inuit Elders at Torngat Mountain basecamp.
  • Canada’s earliest explorers – the Vikings walked the same path you will walk at the rugged and remote shores at L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site of Canada.

Northwest Territories

  • Arrive by float plane for a 13-day white-water canoe trip down 360 km of the remote Keele River.
  • Explore the mighty Nahanni River by float plane, jet boat, canoe and trails made by wildlife then soak up the endless midnight sun while telling tales about the fish that got away.
  • Guide your dogs and their sled like the gold prospectors did under a rippling array of aurora borealis lights on multi-day dog sled adventures.
  • Listen to nothing but the call of the wild as you reel in the catch of the day, then enjoy the amenities at a remote northern lodge.


  • Hike or ski across wild Sirmilik National Park at the northern tip of Baffin Island, on the lookout for snowy owls, polar bears and narwhal on a Polar Sea Adventures.
  • Sail across the roof of the country and through the fabled, ice-littered Northwest Passage on a cruise with Adventure Canada.
  • Travel by snowmobile-drawn Inuit sleds to the edge of the floe ice on an Arctic safari to see narwhal, polar bears and beluga whales with Arctic Kingdom.

Prince Edward Island

  • See what it takes to be a true maritimer by learning the techniques used to bring in lobster or dig up clams. Enjoy your efforts on a beach clam bake.
  • Hike or bike your way across PEI's famous red sands and green rolling hills, on the Confederation Trail or within the PEI National Park.


  • Raft down Glacier Alley and explore untouched wilderness on a two-week adventure through a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Follow the legendary 1000-mile Yukon Quest Trail using your own team of dogs then camp under a light display of Aurora borealis.
  • Paddle 20 days through the relics of the gold rush and past camera-close wildlife on the secluded Yukon River.
  • Be amazed at how much you can canoe, bike, and hike while basking under the midnight solstice sun during your four-day retreat in the northern frontier.


When to go
  • Late Spring through late September for hiking the mountains, riding the trails, polar excursions, maritime adventures and water sports.
  • Hiking from hut to hut in Alberta is best during the summer months.
  • Dog sled tours and week long adventures are in the winter months of December through March.
  • Fishing or paddling the north is during the summer season of June through early September.
Need to know
  • Most tour companies in the northern reaches provide everything for the excursions except personal items.
  • Bike rentals are available in most major centres.
  • The remote reaches often don't have cell phone access.
  • Bring plenty of batteries and photography storage cards when going on extended adventures. There is usually nowhere to power up or make purchases.