Province/Territory: Manitoba

Northern Safari: The Arctic Alive

  • 05-m-long beluga whales
  • 600-kg polar bears
  • 08 days exploring the tundra

Summertime, and Canada’s Arctic is vibrant. Polar bears frolic among wildflowers and tundra-berries. More than 150 species of birds—Smith’s longspur, Ross and Bonaparte gulls, jaegers—flock to their nesting sites. Caribou herds march across the vast landscape, always wary of wolves howling in the distance. Snow-white beluga whales swim through Hudson Bay’s clear waters. This is the wilderness of Churchill, Manitoba—your jumping off point for an Arctic adventure via land, sea and air. Explore the tundra—hiking, kayaking, boating, flightseeing and relaxing; always immersed in true wilderness and always surrounded by fascinating wildlife. Venture on a summer safari and experience the Arctic alive.

Why you should visit
  • Hop on a floatplane and fly to a comfortable eco-lodge equipped with panoramic viewing areas and located on an estuary teeming with wildlife.
  • Hike across the tundra for safe sightings of polar bears, cubs in tow, as they lumber among rock formations and blooming flora.
  • Embark on powerboat tours—spotting caribou, wolves, moose, foxes and more than 150 different bird species; book a helicopter flight and tour the tundra from above. • Explore the coastline via custom-built Tundra Tracker vehicle—venturing far along the shore for unique photographic opportunities and scenic vistas.
  • Set out on a boat-excursion to watch hundreds of ghostly white belugas swim in clear Arctic waters; don a dry suit and slide into the sea to join them—coming eye-to-eye with these curious whales.
  • Push off in a sea-kayak, paddling through serene and scenic waterways; drop a line to angle for hard-fighting sportfish.
  • Savour home-cooked local fish and gourmet regional treats, such as freshly baked goose pie with cranberries.
  • Learn about the ecology and history of the Churchill region via engaging lectures; view vibrant Northern Lights dance across the night sky.


Visitor information
When to go
  • Birds, Bears and Belugas tour operates in July and August.
  • July sees the longest days and warmest weather.
  • Late-August tours have the best chance of Aurora borealis viewing.
  • Certain tour dates may have room-shares for single travellers.
Need to know
  • Churchill Wild’s Birds, Bears and Belugas tour is family friendly; guide(s) accompany guests at all times.
  • Hiking and kayaking may be strenuous; however, all activities are suitable for all ages and skill levels.
  • Guests are responsible for weatherproof outdoor apparel and personal items.
  • Lodge is located in a remote wilderness environment.
  • Churchill Wild operates in an environmentally responsible & sustainable manner.
Getting Here