Province/Territory: British Columbia

One Week in the West Coast Wilderness

  • 76 kilometres of scenic hiking
  • 10-metre-tall oceanside waterfall
  • 07 days on Canada’s Pacific Coast

One of Canada’s most iconic trails stretches ahead for a daunting 76 kilometres—and you’re ready for the challenge. On this weeklong wilderness trek, experienced guides will lead you through remote old-growth rainforest and along rugged coastline that alternates between wave-beaten rocks and sandy shores. Navigate tidal flows as you hike across surge channels. Ascend a series of ladders, dizzying in height. Frolic in the spray of a coastal waterfall. Be a part of the team and get hands-on with daily camp life. Relax by a campfire each evening and fall asleep to the sound of wild waves every night.

Welcome to the West Coast Trail—a demanding backpacking route that traces the pristine Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Experience this journey through Ecosummer Expedtions’ West Coast Trail adventure—a seven-day guided hike that rewards with rich natural wonders and fulfilling physical accomplishment.

Why you should visit
  • Connect with a group of like-minded travellers and knowledgeable guides for a week of hiking and camping in a protected coastal rainforest.
  • Fully participate in the journey—shouldering your share of camp gear, assisting with camp setup and gathering firewood and fresh water.
  • Challenge yourself to hike six to 17 kilometres per day, trekking through conditions that vary from sandy beaches, to steep ladders, to undulating forest trails and more.
  • Explore vibrant tidal pools and surge channels as you walk atop a seaside route at Owen Cove—footsteps that will be covered by the flood tide shortly after your return to the forest.
  • Near Carmanah Creek, watch for offshore orcas and grey whales before a highly anticipated mid-hike hamburger at Chez Monique.
  • A swim under Tsusiat Falls awaits, the reward for your longest day: 17 kilometres, plus a boat crossing operated by the Dididaht First Nation.
  • Zip over the Klanawa River via cable-car to view the site of a historic shipwreck—part of the Graveyard of the Pacific.
  • See Sitka blacktail deer prancing through evergreens, look for circling bald eagles overhead and spot the footprints of a unique subspecies of fish-eating wolf.
  • Immerse in dynamic coastal environs as your guides illuminate the lush ecosystems and discuss local lore from centuries-old maritime history to millennia of First Nations culture.


Expect cool, variable weather with frequent precipitation throughout the operating season, with the coolest weather—and most precipitation—in June and September. Average daily temperatures are approximately 13°C (June), 14°C (July), 15°C (August) and 13°C (September).
Discover local weather information. Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada’s Canadian Climate Normals Website.

Visitor information
  • Reserve Ecosummer Expeditions' Experience Life on the Edge—The West Coast Trail directly though the operator.
  • This tour operates with set dates in July and August, with June and September trips on-demand; contact the operator for dates, availability and prices.
  • The trip is led by two guides, with a maximum group size of eight guests.
  • The trip includes group camping equipment, all meals on the trail, boat shuttles, park permit fees and transportation to and from Victoria, British Columbia.
  • Lodging, restaurants, attractions and all services are available in Victoria.
When to go
  • With long hours of daylight and reduced precipitation, July and August offer ideal conditions to hike the West Coast Trail.
  • July and August have similar average temperatures; August is known for foggy mornings.
  • Trips are scheduled around the lowest tides of the season to maximize beach-hiking opportunities.
  • June and September may see cooler and wetter weather; trips operate in these months on-demand.
Need to know
  • The West Coast Trail is a challenging, multi-day expedition suited for physically fit individuals over the age of 12 with backpacking experience.
  • Guests are required to carry 20 kilograms of gear and equipment over 76 kilometres of wilderness terrain.
  • The West Coast Trail is a linear hiking route with extremely limited opportunities for early exits; guests should carry emergency evacuation insurance; guides are CPR trained.
  • Guests are responsible for sleeping bags, backpacks, clothing and personal items—the operator provides a full packing list.
Getting Here