Province/Territory: Prince Edward Island

Fresh Seafood supper on the Sands

  • 03 generations of experience at your side
  • 75 culinary events during the International Shellfish Festival
  • 05 month peak season to savour fresh bar clams

Set out on a full day adventure to an unforgettable meal. Don your gear (masks, snorkel, wetsuit and more) and head out with family and new friends into chest deep waters in search of lunch. Catch your fill. Head out to explore the beach, swim in the warm waters and explore the island's most famous lighthouse while a seasoned pro cooks your lunch right there on the beach, steps from where you found them. On your way back, learn about the lobsters, rock crabs and mussels that frequent these waters and stop to admire seals who are as interested in your adventure as you are in theirs. Along the way enjoy maritime hospitality and the stories that go along with a skill that has been passed from generation to generation.

Why you should visit
  • Get a first class lesson in what it’s like to be a local as you work alongside the crew to bring in the catch.
  • Learn the secret of the traditional PEI technique for cooking lobster, the differences between them and the best way to eat them.
  • Don a wetsuit, grab a snorkel and mask and go searching for the clams in chest-deep ocean water.
  • Following some beachcombing, settle in for the best beach cookout you’ve ever experienced.
  • Discover another type of seaside experience and find inner peace on or alongside PEI waters with a Kundalini Yoga experience.
  • Turn your eyes skyward to encounter some of the island's most precious birds.
  • Head out with your camera on a tour of the lighthouses that dot the coast of the island.


  • Prince Edward Island is warmest in the summer months (June to September) when waters are warm and perfect for swimming. There is an increased chance of precipitation in the winter and spring months. (December to March).
  • Discover local weather information. Research local weather patterns.
Visitor information
  • Adventure Planner (Hours and Dates)
  • Along with your lunch, all-inclusive snacks (energy bars, coffee, cold drinks, fresh fruit) are free onboard
  • Wetsuits, water socks, mask, snorkel and sunblock are provided
  • Children aged 6 and up are welcome with accompanying adult
  • Bring a change of clothes for after your swim and a light, water repellant jacket in case of winds or light rain
When to go
  • Clam Digs run daily from July through September, the clamming season; it's a 4 hour trip. You'll have warm weather and swimmable waters.
  • If you can time your visit to match the annual Shellfish Festival you'll add to your pleasure.
Need to know
  • The Giant Bar Clam Dig Adventure requires moderate physical activity (getting in and out of boat in chest high water, digging with shovel and pail, etc.)
  • Children as young as 6 are welcome with accompanying adult
  • There is an opportunity to look for harbour seals as you travel; consider bringing along a pair of binoculars for easy spotting
  • Plan for a 5 hour excursion
Getting Here
  • The easiest way to get here is by car
  • The experience is located 40 minutes from Charlottetown; 30 minutes from the Wood Island Ferry and 40 minutes from the Souris Ferry.
  • Taxis are available to-and-from the area.
  • On-site parking is available