Province/Territory: Manitoba

Experience the authentic, traditional Arctic, its people, culture and wildlife

  • 05 big Arctic creatures- polar bears, caribou, belugas, narwhal and Bowhead whales
  • 750 Inuit in Repulse Bay, straddling the Arctic Circle
  • 07 nights under the Midnight Sun

Fly far north to the Inuit hunting and fishing community of Repulse Bay perched atop the Arctic Circle in Nunavut. A local guides you by boat trip to look for narwhal, seals, orca and Bowhead whales. Watch for migratory caribou. Taste warm bannock bread, hear storytelling and perhaps experience traditional throat singing and drum dancing. Chat with carvers and buy their unique Inuit art. Hop-scotch on a scenic flight south to Churchill, Canada’s polar bear capital where the big whites sometimes stroll right into town!  Go whale watching. Get adventurous and kayak or snorkel with beluga whales that gather offshore by the thousands. Visit the Polar Bear Jail, the downed Miss Piggy plane and the Ithaca shipwreck. Then stroll through purple fireweed to the dramatic ruins of star-shaped, 18th century Prince of Wales fort, complete with cannons. Drop in at Churchill’s renowned Eskimo Museum and the Parks Canada Museum in the heritage train station before dining by the light of the Midnight Sun on caribou or Arctic char. 

Why you should visit
  • A rare opportunity to mingle with Inuit in a far northern hamlet straddling the Arctic Circle, and to experience their traditional culture and lifestyle.
  • Spotting a roll call of Arctic creatures in the wild, on land and sea, including several whale species, seals, caribou and polar bears. 
  • Taking part in a flexible Arctic trip where you can add options like interacting with beluga whales on a kayak excursion or in the water with a dry-suit and snorkel, or try your hand at fishing for Arctic char. 
  • Visiting an historic Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading fort from the 1700s. 
  • Learning about tundra plant life including colourful wildflowers.
  • Tasting classic northern dishes like bannock bread, caribou and Arctic char. 
  • Exploring local Churchill attractions including a Polar Bear Jail, museums, gift and art shops, and local ship and plane wrecks. 


  • Tundra weather conditions can change dramatically and quickly, even in summer - July and August. Weather can vary from intense, near 24-hour warm sun to foggy, windy, cool days with possible rain showers, sleet, even snow. The average daily maximum during summer is  8°C to 12°C, but temperatures can range as high as 20°C or down to -3°C. Precipitation is light - less than 150mm per year (6 inches) - mostly falling as rain or snow during spring and summer. Discover local weather information. Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada's Canadian Climate Website.

Visitor information

Rates and dates

  • While shops and supplies are limited in Repulse Bay, Churchill, has banks and an adequate variety of shops, hotels and restaurants.
When to go
  • The summer season in the High Arctic is short. Trips take place  in late July to mid-August.
Need to know
  • While it’s not necessary to be an experienced explorer to go on this Arctic adventure, it’s wise to be prepared with waterproof hiking boots, a sweater, rain jacket, a layer of warm synthetic long underwear, insect repellent and sunscreen.
  • Alcohol is restriced in many Arctic communities and while it’s ok to bring some for your own consumption, bottles should not be left behind. 
  • In order to bring some kinds of carvings into your home country, permits may be required.
  • Inuit are friendly and accommodating, but respect is important – ask for permission before taking photos. And smile.  
Getting Here
  • Regular flights from across North America arrive in Winnipeg where flights depart for remote Repulse Bay, Nunavut, accessible only by plane or private boat.
  • After two nights in Repulse Bay, a scenic flight south along the Hudson Bay coast takes guests to Churchill. While there is no road from Churchill to Winnipeg, VIA Rail runs a multi-day train trip and there are regular flights back to the Manitoba capital city.