Province/Territory: Newfoundland and Labrador

Take a boat tour along Iceberg Alley

  • 12000-year-old chunks of Greenland glaciers
  • 90 per cent of an iceberg's mass is underwater
  • 50 stories is height of biggest icebergs

Here in "Iceberg Alley", towering slabs of 12000-year-old ice float past the tip of Labrador and along Newfoundland's northern coastline, dotting the horizon like so many mountain peaks. These glittering white monoliths are chunks of Greenland glaciers that break or "calve" off as the weather warms. Whether your tour takes off from the pretty coastal fishing village of Twillingate, or starts from the harbour in downtown St. John's, you'll cruise past little growlers to circle the biggest bergs, some as tall as a downtown office tower. Watch rivulets of icy water pour from crevasses and catch the blue-green flashes of the submerged corners of these icy giants just below the water line. Watch the crew reach over the vessel’s side to collect "bergy bits" - small chunks of actual Iceberg ice! Hear the crack and sizzle as the ice is dropped into your drink – you can tell your friends back home that you saw, touched, heard and tasted something truly ancient. Look for pods of playful dolphins, colorful puffins and murres nesting on steep cliffs, or the many whales found in these northern waters.

Why you should visit
  • The charming outport town of Twillingate is the World's Iceberg Capital.
  • Sail out of St. John's harbour, through "The Narrows", past Cabot Tower and Cape Spear (North America's most easterly point). 
  • Knowledgeable sea captains narrate the two-hour tours and know how close they can safely get to these floating islands of ice. 
  • Icebergs drift down from the High Arctic most years in spring and early summer, creating a spectacular sight. 
  • The world's largest population of acrobatic humpback whales migrate here to feed in summer, and you can watch them breach and blow. 
  • Try vodka and beer made with local pure water from "harvested" iceberg ice.


Visitor information
  • Hours & Admission Prices.
  • Interior cabins are heated. 
  • Departures four times daily during peak season.
  • Tours depart from St. John's and Twillingate harbours.
  • Tours accompanied by traditional Newfoundland music.
  • Full bar service and light snacks available for purchase on board.
  • nterior cabins are heated.
When to go
  • May and June are usually the best times to see icebergs, though some may be found later in the summer.
  • July and August are the perfect time to take a boat tour to see the many humpback whales that migrate through the region.
  • There are many musical and cultural events in summer, including the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival in August in St. John's or the Fish, Fun & Folk Festival in Twillingate in July.
Need to know
  • Dress in warm and waterproof layers - bring a hat and gloves.
  • Wear comfortable non-slip shoes.
  • Tours depart rain or shine but may be cancelled due to rough seas.
  • Book in advance to guarantee space.
  • Tours are two hours long.
Getting Here