Province/Territory: British Columbia

Titans of the Rainforest

  • 300 kilogram grizzly bears
  • 125km long Pacific fjord
  • 03 elevated viewing platforms

Enter British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest—and discover how the region got its name. Using a secluded floating eco-lodge as your homebase, you will set out in search of one of the world’s great wilderness spectacles: as thousands of spawning salmon swim into their natal streams, massive grizzly bears lumber from the forest and scoop-up the thrashing fish with their powerful paws and jaws. While these bears feed, bald eagles swoop in and snatch the leftovers in their talons. An equally impressive black bear may even join in—all oblivious to your unobtrusive presence as you photograph the fascinating phenomenon.

This is Knight Inlet Lodge’s Grizzly Bear Adventure—an eco-vacation that merges luxurious rainforest accommodation, exciting natural excursions and safari-style viewing of the titans of the rainforest.

Why you should visit
  • Experience safe, close-proximity viewing of 300kg-plus grizzly bears in a pristine rainforest preserve, home to the highest concentrations of grizzlies in BC.
  • View black bears, grey wolves, bald eagles, marine mammals and other wildlife from unobtrusive viewing platforms or via boat and/or land-based tours.
  • Tour the Great Bear Rainforest’s largest fjord—Knight Inlet—and appreciate the stewardship and conservation efforts devoted towards this area.
  • Witness one of Earth’s most impressive migrations as tens of thousands of spawning salmon swim into the rivers of Knight Inlet.
  • Embark on spring- and summer-season boat excursions, often spotting humpback and orca whales during your search for feeding grizzlies.
  • Venture on guided hikes in the Kwalate River Valley; spot marine life during a guided sea kayak outing.
  • Indulge in a five-star dinner of locally sourced ingredients—such as crab, prawns and salmon—paired with fine BC wines and finished with sinful desserts.
  • Relax in a floating eco-lodge at day’s end; rest easy in a well-appointed suite.


Visitor information
When to go
  • Grizzly bear viewing season runs from late-May through mid-October.
  • Spring (May and June) grizzly bear viewing is done via boat.
  • Summer (July and August) grizzly bear viewing is done via boat and/or via local logging roads.
  • Prime grizzly bear viewing season begins in fall (late-August through mid-October); viewing is from raised platforms.
  • Summer tours also offer some of the season’s best whale watching.
Need to know
  • Knight Inlet Lodge operates in an environmentally responsible manner and is committed to sustainable grizzly bear viewing practices.
  • An experienced guide accompanies all tours.
  • Hiking and sea-kayaking are strenuous activities; however, no previous experience is required.
  • Special dietary requirements can be accommodated (with advanced notice).
  • Bear watching packages include one night accommodation in Campbell River.
Getting Here