Province/Territory: Alberta

Put on the gear, lace up the skates and learn to play hockey like a Canadian. Game on!

  • 02 hour experience to learn to play hockey like a Canadian
  • 07 kg of equipment is worn when you play hockey
  • 06 instructors including certified national level coaches, NHL heroes and members of the Canmore Eagles elite junior hockey team

Canadians love their hockey, to some it’s more than just a game. This is your chance to discover the thrill of playing hockey like a Canadian. Professional coaches help you get into the game, skate on an ice rink and feel the excitement of playing a real game of hockey. The two-hour experience is held on an indoor arena in the town of Canmore, Alberta, right next to the gates to Banff National Park. Some of your coaches have played in the NHL and are training an elite junior league team to enter the big leagues. While they explain the game, the rules, the equipment, the lingo and the lore, you’ll use the Canmore Eagles dressing room and hockey equipment to suit up to experience the game for yourself. On the rink, you’ll learn to skate, use a hockey stick and move the puck down the ice. All the skills and drills are put to the test in a fast and furious game. The fist-pumping joy of your first goal or "hat trick" will last a lifetime. Yeah, it’s “Game On!”

Why you should visit
  • Discover what makes hockey such an important part of growing up in Canada. The coaches will share stories of what it takes to become a professional hockey player.
  • Find out just how much gear a hockey player wears by putting it all on for your game.
  • All the gear is provided by the Canmore Eagles. You might be putting on a future Canadian Hockey heroes gear!
  • Learn about the rituals and superstitions in the locker room and on the ice. What is the “Lucky Loonie” and why it’s unlucky to touch the trophies leading to the Stanley Cup?
  • The coaches and members of the Canmore Eagles will help you take your first strides on the ice and teach you the fundamentals of skating and even more importantly - stopping.
  • Learn a few tips on handling the hockey stick and manoeuvring the slippery puck across the ice.
  • Play an abbreviated game of hockey against your friends, co-workers, other travellers and some members of the Canmore Eagles. Afterwards, skate the victory lap then pose for team photos.


  • The rink is kept cool year-round but you will be kept very warm in the provided hockey equiment. Have approprate outdoor clothing for when you get off the ice.
  • Summer days (June to August) are long with daytime temperatures reaching highs of 15 C and cooling in the evenings to 5 C. Less than 10 cm of rain is expected each month but it can be misty. So always bring sun protection, a sweater and rain protection.
  • The fall months of September and October can be cold. Expect daytime highs of 10C and freezing temperatures at night. November through March expect lots of snow (up to 2.6 metres) and an average temperature of -10C.
  • Spring (April – May) still has a large volume of snow falling but the daily temperature is warming up. April’s average daytime temperature is 4C and May is 8C. Warmer coats, gloves and boots are advised.
  • Canmore weather.
Visitor information
  • Book directly with Pinnacle Hockey [] or by email at
  • The program is offered year round.
  • All hockey equipment is provided but light clothing should be worn under the hockey gear.
  • Guests need their own transportation to the Canmore Recreation Centre. The team bus can be hired to travel to hotels in Banff and Canmore for large groups.
  • The Canmore Recreation Centre is wheelchair accessible but the hockey rick is not safe for wheelchairs.
When to go
  • The "Learn to Play Hockey like a Canadian" program is available year round. More of the Canmore Eagles hockey players are available to assist on the ice from September to May.
  • Combine your experience with a Canmore Eagles hockey game. Check their schedule at
Need to know
  • The “Learn to play hockey like a Canadian,” is a two hour experience at the Canmore Recreation Centre.
  • All hockey gear, skates, safety equipment and coaching is provided but participants should have light clothes to wear under the gear.
  • Participants should have an average level of fitness and be willing to try a new adventure.
  • Bring your camera to capture the excitement of your first goal.
  • Participants should be 6 years old and up. Groups from 2 to 40 are accommodated.
Getting Here
  • Canmore is situated at the gateway to Banff National Park. It is 120 kilometres (70 minutes) west of Calgary or 22 kilometres (15 minutes) east of the town of Banff.
  • Transportation for groups can be arranged to/from your hotel in Canmore/Banff with the Canmore Eagles Team Bus. 
  • Meet your coaches in the lobby of the Canmore Recreation Centre.