Province/Territory: Newfoundland and Labrador

Dining al fresco on the edge of the continent

  • 150 year old lighthouse
  • 265 kilometres of developed hiking trails to explore
  • 22 species of whales visit the area every year

You’re perched on the edge of the Atlantic, surrounded by crashing waves and the haunting cries of questing seabirds.  From a 100 year old lighthouse someone emerges, carefully carrying a woven basket and heading your way. The hike and the salt air have given you an appetite and you thankfully delve into the bountiful feast now spread out on the blanket before you.
At Lighthouse Picnics the bread is always freshly baked and the lemonade is always freshly squeezed, but the cliffs have been here for thousands of years and the view is eternal. Time takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that no one is waiting for you to finish your lunch. Linger over a book, catch a few winks, watch the timeless, ever-changing view. Is that a whale you see below you? Probably. This is their home, after all. You’re just lucky enough to be visiting.

Why you should visit

• All the food found in your wicker basket is prepared fresh daily on premise, from squeezing the lemons for the lemonade to baking the bread for the sandwiches.
• The lighthouse, which was built in 1870, retains all its original charm and has many nooks and crannies to explore.
• Visitors are given a blanket and a nautical signal flag for identification; nestle into the tuckamore along the cliffs and wait for your lunch to be brought out to you.
• Amass bragging rights - you've now dined at the most easterly restaurant in all of North America.
• Keep your eyes peeled. There are no guaranties but it's rare not to see some kind of marine life from the cliffs around the lighthouse and seabirds are always abundant.
• Ferryland was founded in 1621 by Lord Baltimore and an active archaeological dig of the original Colony of Avalon is waiting for you to explore.


• The Avalon Peninsula enjoys a maritime climate and visitors should prepare for cool and windy conditions.
• The warmest, sunniest days are in July and August with temperatures averaging 25°C.
• Discover local weather information.  Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada's Canadian Climate Website.

Visitor information

• Onsite bank machine, gift shop and washrooms are available.
• Advanced bookings are required and should be made directly with operator.
Hours & Operating Dates.
• Able to accommodate special diets (gluten free, vegan, raw etc.) with advance notice.
• In the event of inclement weather there are spots throughout the lighthouse itself where lunch can be enjoyed indoors.

When to go

• Lighthouse Picnics is open from the end of May until late September/early October.
• The best weather is in July and August.

Need to know

• The lighthouse is either one or two kilometres from the available parking lots, along a gently undulating gravel trail.
• The busiest time is July and August, but reservations are necessary all season long; book as early as possible.
• Plan to spend a couple of hours napping after lunch or strolling along the cliffs.
• Bring a jacket just in case.

Getting Here

• Located in Ferryland, approximately one hour by car south of St. John's, the provincial capital.
• Park by the beach in Ferryland (2 km) or in the meadow below the lighthouse (1 km) and then follow the gravel trail to the lighthouse.