Province/Territory: Prince Edward Island

Enjoy an old-time, five-course lobster supper

  • 01 to 1 1/2 pounds of fresh Atlantic lobster
  • 25000-plus suppers served per season
  • 01 church basement dining hall

Work up an appetite paddling alongside red cliffs or cycling the island, then head to St. Ann’s Parish for a traditional lobster supper. Down in the church basement, the ladies of the community have served guests for close to 50 years.

Loosen your belt. Tie on your bib. Now tuck into a home-cooked, five-course meal. Go slow on the appetizers: fresh seafood chowder, the island's famous Blue Island mussels or garden salad. Next up, the indulgent main course: steaming, coral-red lobster, so fresh it was probably walking the sea floor while you paddled in the bay earlier. Crack it open and snag out every last rich, buttery morsel of prime PEI lobster but leave room for dessert. As you linger over coffee, remember that in 1964, Father Denis Gallant of St. Ann’s Parish organized lobster suppers to raise money for church renovations. So, you're not only taking part in history, you're giving back to the community.

Why you should visit
  • Enjoy the buttery goodness of Atlantic red lobsters on the shell. Bibs provided!
  • Be part of a generations-old tradition when ladies in the community prepared lobster dinners for visitors in the parish.
  • Delight in a sweet, plump, steamy serving of the island’s famous blue mussels.
  • Yes, the seafood chowder is homemade, too.
  • Make friends with your smiling server meet other dining locals as a welcome guest.
  • Call ahead and take in some live entertainment.
  • Take part in an original Maritime lobster supper the way they've always been served, in an authentic church basement, this one built in 1954.


  • July and August is hot and dry in PEI with nights cooling down toward the end of summer. Spring arrives in late May bringing comfortable temperatures to the end of June.
  • PEI offers an Island-wide celebration of food & culture in February. Winter is cold and crisp with snowfall from November to March.
  • Discover local weather information. Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada’s Canadian Climate Normals Website.
Visitor information
  • Hours, Menu & Prices
  • Open daily, except Sundays, June 18th to September 22nd.
  • Fully licensed and air-conditioned.
  • Call ahead for reservations in high season.
  • Non-seafood menu options also available.
  • Easy 10-minute drive from Cavendish Beach. PEI is only 193km long from tip to tip!
When to go
  • Lobster season in PEI opens in early May.
  • Most visit the island in July and August when the weather is hot and events abound including live music at the Charlottetown Festival. This is high season for golfing, digging for clams, and combing white sand beaches.
  • In September, don't miss the nine day PEI International Shellfish Festival or the culinary event of the season, the PEI Fall Flavours Culinary Festival.
  • Snowy winters are ideal for skating, curling, snowmobiling and skiing. Plan ahead as many PEI attractions are only open during high season.
Need to know
  • Spend at least two hours savouring your five courses.
  • Live entertainment offered some nights. Call ahead to find out.
  • Proceeds from suppers support church-sponsored charities and good works in the parish community.
Getting Here