Province/Territory: British Columbia

Snorkel With The Stars

  • 06 species of sea star
  • 05 mm wetsuit
  • 12 marine parks
British Columbia's Desolation Sound awaits—an ecosystem of protected inlets and islets, of towering coastal mountains, of misty rainforest and of multifaceted marine life. Slip into snorkeling gear, jump into its emerald waters and explore an undersea world bursting with colourful creatures—a natural aquarium, vibrant and vital.    A snorkel tour with Powell River Sea Kayak will see you immersed in an intertidal zone renowned by divers the world-round and illuminated by a knowledgeable and engaging guide. Visit BC's Sunshine Coast and Snorkel with the Stars—the sea stars, that is.
Why you should visit
  • Snorkel in a marine area locally dubbed “The Aquarium” for its vibrant, plentiful and easily viewed marine life—an ethereal environment of moon jellyfish, sea stars, sea cucumbers, red rock crabs and even curious seals.
  • Get up-close-and-personal with sea stars that grow to sizes in excess of 1.3 m in diameter; snorkel through Urchin Alley and gaze at the red, purple, orange and green sea urchins.
  • Float through the current in a calm and protected intertidal zone harbouring some of British Columbia’s warmest seawater.
  • Learn about sea-life ecology from an experienced and ocean-savvy guide.
  • Combine your snorkel tour with a day-long kayak excursion through scenic Desolation Sound or book a multi-day guided kayak expedition and explore the region’s 12 marine parks.
  • Overnight at the nearby luxury Desolation Resort—or reserve a secluded cabin at Powell River Sea Kayak’s Cabana Desolation Experience, located on an 80-hectare uninhabited island.


Visitor information
When to go
  • Tours operate from May through September.
  • View spawning salmon during September.
  • July and August see the warmest and driest weather.
  • Snorkel without a wetsuit during warm summer days.
Need to know
  • Participants must know how to swim.
  • Snorkel or scuba diving experience is not required.
  • Full equipment provided including wetsuits, hoods, gloves, boots, mask, snorkel and fins.
  • Snorkel with the Stars tours are three hours in duration.
  • Snorkel tours are fully guided and family-friendly.
Getting Here