Province/Territory: Yukon Territory

Sled Dogs in the Yukon Wild

  • 130 Alaskan huskies
  • 40-hectare Klondike ranch
  • 01 Yukon Quest Championship

Step onto a sprawling Yukon ranch—home to Frank Turner, Yukon Quest dogsled champion and icon of the North, and 130 energetic Alaskan huskies. Today, though, these are your huskies. You will be their trainer, charged with the dogs’ care and in receipt of their affection. You are hands-on—a member of the team; your heart warming even in the face of winter's chill as you bond with dozens of lovable sled dogs. Welcome to Muktuk Adventures’ Rookie for a Day—a taste of true northern living.

Under the eye of an experienced guide, you will be instructed in the traditional ways of a sled-dog musher. Run with the powerful canines, giving them the exercise they need to traverse the boundless north. Satisfy their relentless appetites with hands on-feeding. Prepare the hardy huskies for dogsled adventures; welcome their tired bodies as they return home. Be a Rookie for a Day—a journey of personal growth and natural discovery in the Yukon wild.

Why you should visit
  • Care for a team of friendly Yukon sled dogs—feeding and bonding with them throughout your day-long adventure.
  • Interact with lovable puppies; get active and participate in the dogs’ training runs.
  • Fuel-up with a hearty home-cooked lunch; be comfortable in the knowledge the sled dogs receive the best care—including a naturopathic and homeopathic diet.
  • Hear tales of adventure from Frank Turner’s Championship Win at the 1,600 km Yukon Quest dogsled race.
  • During winter and fall tours, colourful Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) may illuminate the Yukon's night sky.
  • Tours run during three seasons: experience a snowy Yukon winter, tour facilities under summer’s midnight sun or race the dogs through vibrant foliage during fall training runs.
  • Learn and apply the skills of a sled-dog musher—book an add-on single- or multi-day wintertime dogsled tour.


  • Expect below-freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall during winter tours (November through March)—daily temperatures average about -14°C, but may get as cold as -35°C or more. Summer tours (June through August) see mild weather, with temperatures ranging from approximately 11°C to 14°C. Expect cool to cold temperatures in fall, with daily averages of approximately 7°C (September) and 0°C (October).
  • Discover local weather information. Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada’s Canadian Climate Normals Website.
Visitor information
  • Muktuk Adventures’ Winter Rookie for a Day.
  • Summer and fall Rookie for a Day tours are available; experiences vary within each season.
  • Muktuk Adventures offers guided winter dogsledding tours.
  • Muktuk Adventures offers guided and self-guided facility tours in summer and fall.
  • Restaurant, lodge accommodations, cabins and camping is available on-site; reservations required.
When to go
  • Winter experiences run from the end of November to the end of March; dogsledding tours run only during winter.
  • Summer experiences run from May through August.
  • Fall experiences run in September and October.
  • Aurora Borealis viewing is best in fall and winter.
  • Camping, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking and hiking are all locally available in summer and fall.
Need to know
  • See the Winter Tour Packing List for required winter clothing and equipment.
  • Pets are welcomed on site, adhering to Muktuk Adventures’ Pet Policy.
  • Customized tours are available.
  • Outdoor hiking/walking is required for all tours; dogsledding and dog-training are strenuous physical activities.
  • All Rookie for a Day tours are seven hours in duration, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Getting Here