Province/Territory: Quebec

Journey past cliffs carved by glaciers

  • 03 day paddle along the Saguenay Fjord
  • 10000 year-old glaciers
  • 76 fish species plus minke and fin whales

Summer in Quebec's Saguenay region brings the scent of sea and forest as you dip your paddle into deep, mythic waters and feel time ripple out before you. Carved by 65,000 year-old glaciers and stretching more than 100 km (62 mi), the Saguenay Fjord is where rugged cliffs and wildlife meet the sea and spellbinding Saguenay River. Paddle one of the world’s longest fjords, alongside cliffs forged in the last ice age. Listen to waves lapping and gently rocking your kayak as you paddle past small villages on the river banks. Stop, let your kayak drift awhile, lift your paddles and you might see peregrine falcons, loons, or fin whales and humpbacks. If you're really lucky, you might even spot a beluga’s white back or hear the “pssshh!” of a minke whale’s breath.

Why you should visit
  • Paddle one of the world’s longest fjords, peering up at cliffs forged in the last ice age.
  • Savour authentic Quebec cuisine with gourmet meals prepared using fresh local ingredients.
  • Beneath the waves, spot grey seals, minke and fin whales, porpoises and, if you're really lucky, the beautiful but endangered white beluga whale.
  • Listen as your guide shares stories of the area's geography, myths and legends. Ask about the sea monster responsible for the waves that arise from the fjord out of nowhere.
  •  Discover the Saguenay's 76 fish species; over 60 of these are found exclusively in the fjord.
  • Sleep one night at the cozy cottage L’Anse à la Barge and another camping at Pointe à Pass-Pierre.
  • Take sweeping land-based photos of the panoramic viewpoints found at Saguenay-St-Lawrence Marine Park, or go scuba diving and discover life beneath the waves.
  • Unwind and return by Zodiac™ boat to L'Anse-Saint-Jean.


  • High season in mid-June to September invites adventure from sea kayaking and whale watching to hiking and touring lighthouse routes.
  • From late March to early June, Spring marks the start of the fishing season and is generally quieter with milder temperatures.
  • Expect snow from November to early March, when skiing, skating, snowmobiling, and ice fishing adventures abound.
  • Discover local weather information.  Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada's Canadian Climate Website.
Visitor information
  • Rates & reservations.
  • Three-day sea kayak trips run from the end of May to mid-September.
  • Departure is from L'Anse-Saint-Jean.
  • Small group tours (maximum of 6 guests). Larger group tours available upon request.
  • Book early to get your choice of departure dates.
When to go
  • Summer in Quebec's Saguenay region (mid-June to September) is ideal for kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, rafting, and cycling. Whale watching also lasts all summer. It's an ideal time to explore the network of over 100 km of trails at Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay and the world’s largest estuary at Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park.
  • If you set off from Québec City, don't miss Festival d'été du Quebec in July when the entire city becomes a stage for 1000 international artists
Need to know
  • Your adventure includes high-end gear—fibreglass sea kayaks, comfortable wet suits, waterproof bags, and overnight camping equipment.
  • All kayaking equipment provided. Just bring along your sleeping bag. Here's a helpful list of what else to pack.
  • Several accommodation and sea kayaking packages also available.
Getting Here