Province/Territory: Saskatchewan

Experiencing the Secrets of a Boreal Forest Winter

  • 1,000,000 acres of wilderness
  • 08 sled dogs
  • 06 days communing with the vast boreal forest

Explore the million-acre wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan’s boreal forest in winter by dogsled, on foot and snowshoes.
Spot lynx, owls and moose. Follow fox tracks and hear wolves howl in the serene, silent woodland. Learn to mush huskies. Gain a deeper understanding of this unique eco-system while in the company of an imaginative nature interpreter for six days. Spend your nights in a 4-star lodge dining local on elk, bison and Saskatoon berries, or choose to sleep rustic among snow-covered trees in a canvas trapper’s tent warmed by a wood stove.

Why you should visit

• Learning to harness and mush Alaskan husky sled dogs.
• Stomping your own snowshoe route through virgin snow.
• Tasting Labrador tea with warm, homemade bannock.
• Following fox tracks.
• Making an “ice goblet” and sipping from it.
• Spotting a moose as you sit cozy beneath a comforter, sledding across the snow.
• Overnighting in an old-time prospector’s tent warmed by a wood stove.
• Hearing huskies and wolves howl and understanding why they do it.
• Seeing lynx and elk and watching a river otter slide across the snow on his belly.
• Smelling bison short-ribs simmering for a dinner of local specialties like Saskatoon berries and Canadian wines and cheese.


• Winter temperatures in Northern Saskatchewan range from +5°C to -40°C and there is often little variation between daytime and nighttime temperatures. The air is usually dry making the cold easier to tolerate. It is often sunny and snowfalls are also common.
• Discover local weather information.  Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada's Canadian Climate Website.

Visitor information

Rates and dates.
• Trips depart in February and March only.
• The Boreal Forest Winter experience covers six days with accommodation at nearby Elk Ridge Resort.
• It is also possible to spend a night in a prospector’s wall tent heated with a woodstove.
• There are banks, shops and gas stations in the city of Prince Albert, 75 kilometres from Sundogs.

When to go

• The multi-day Boreal experience is offered in February and March when winter days are longer and becoming warmer.
• Trails are best in colder February.

Need to know

• No mushing experience is necessary. A moderate level of fitness makes the experience more rewarding.
• Trips are tailored to clients’ comfort zone.
• Insulated outer wear from head to toe is provided.
Bring layered clothing.
• Children 12 and over are welcome.

Getting Here

• Located 230 kilometres north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a 2.5 hour drive.
• It is necessary rent a car in Saskatoon.
• Although roads are paved, it’s recommended to rent a four-wheel drive for winter conditions.