Province/Territory: Ontario

Stratford Shakespeare Festival

  • 60 years of productions
  • 100's of props
  • 1000's of costumes
Immerse yourself in the wit, drama and poetic prowess of the Bard. Enjoy a live production. Marvel at the passion and delivery as world-renowned actors bring to life some of the Sir William’s most-loved works in both traditional and innovative interpretations.    Participate in a tour, lecture or discussion. Get a close-up look at the work of the Festival’s incredible designers, wardrobe staff and prop-makers. Check out thousands of costumes and hundreds of prop. Ask questions of the actors during a stimulating half-hour question-and-answer period with cast members immediately after their performance.  Love a good musical? Find out what being in one is really like as company members teach you a song and dance routine. 
Why you should visit
  • See a classic Shakespearean work performed by some of the finest actors in North America.
  • Take a backstage tour and learn about the detail and time that's required to create the extraordinary costumes and props that play a key role in bringing a production to life.
  • Get inside the actors' head - learn what their motivation for their character is - by speaking with them minutes after the performance has concluded.
  • Fulfill your fantasy to perform on stage by participating in a staged, musical number guided under the direction of professional vocalists and actors.


  • The City of Stratford, located in Southwestern Ontario, enjoys a year-round moderate climate. Stratford is located on the same latitude as Boston, Massachusetts and Northern California. Average temperatures: Spring 6° to 13°C, Summer 17° to 20°C and Fall 15° to -3.5°C.
  • Discover local weather information. Research local weather patterns at Environment Canada's Canadian Climate Website.
Visitor information
  • Plays and Tickets.
  • Combine seeing a play with accommodations and dinner by purchasing one of the All-in-One Experiences.
  • The Festival offers many ways to save, from half-price rush seats to special packages for families.
  • Pick up a souvenir of your visit or a theatre-related book or DVD at one of the two gift shops on site.
  • Cafes and bars are located on the site of the four Festival theatres.
When to go
  • The Festival is open from April until November. June and July typically bring the warmest months.
  • Many theatre-goers will take advantage of the summer weather to enjoy a picnic along the nearby Victoria Lake or the Avon River before or after their show.
Need to know
  • Plays typically run for approximately two hours with an intermission around the half-way point.
  • All four Festival theatres are wheelchair accessible. Braille house programs and magnifying sheets to assist with reading programs can be borrowed free of charge. Hearing assistive receivers are available to rent for a nominal fee.
  • The Festival's Avon and Studio theatres are located right in downtown Stratford, while the Festival and Tom Patterson theatres are just a few minutes’ walk away. Colour-coded signs showing directions to the theatres are posted throughout the city.
  • Tours fill up quickly, so it's recommended that you book them in advance.
  • Bring along comfortable shoes as Stratford also has wonderful streets to stroll and shops to explore.
  • A strong understanding of the English language will enhance your enjoyment of the performances.
Getting Here