Province/Territory: Quebec

A unique opportunity to celebrate history

  • 30 minutes by boat to the authentic Manawan site
  • 22 people (at the most!) on the site
  • 03 days of cultural immersion

Step outside the boundaries of life as you know it. Head north and spend three days and two nights on the authentic grounds of Manawan. With a Native guide at your side you'll have the unique opportunity to live as they have for hundreds of years. Paddle a birch bark canoe. Walk with elders. Take your seat at the fire. Hear age-old stories under a starlit sky. Interact with the local community and take in a view that will catch your breath and capture your imagination.

Why you should visit
  • Natural flora and fauna are here in abundance. Keep an eye out for eastern moose and white tailed deer.
  • Eat as the locals have for generations, learn the technique for making the dishes you've caught from the waters around you.
  • Realize the legends still hold lessons for the present.
  • Ask questions of a guide dedicated to helping you understand.
  • Admire the work of artisans proud to share their culture.
  • Learn the names of plants and their medicinal value.
  • Explore the modern-day lifestyle of a people whose history is like no other.


Visitor information
  • Manawan is a fully immersive Aboriginal experience.
  • For a quick peek at some of Manawan's highlights check out Tourisme Manawan's videos.
When to go
  • The experience is available from January to March when winter brings snow and the possibility of ice fishing. It is also available May through October, when the weather is warmer and from September to October, when fall colours can be viewed.
Need to know
  • You will need to be in good physical condition to take part in the activities which include walking, hiking, canoeing.
  • The experience lasts 3 days and 2 nights.
  • Bring cash to pay for souvenirs on the island.
Getting Here
  • Manawan is a 270 km easy drive north of Montréal and is only accessible by road.