Province/Territory: Northwest Territories

Arctic Wonders & Reindeer Herders

  • 04 days in the Arctic
  • 120 kilometre ice road
  • 3000 galloping reindeer

Travel 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle to Inuvik, Northwest Territories, and leap into a unique winter exploration. A highway of ice awaits; the route to Aklavik, home to welcoming people and rich indigenous culture. Head even further north along the Mackenzie Valley Highway and accelerate your adventure with a snowmobile ride into the wilderness. Your destination? A migrating herd of 3,000 reindeer. View and even help herd these animals alongside skilled locals. Later, retire to a rustic basecamp scenically set on the tundra for engaging cultural demonstrations, storytelling and a feast of traditional foods. Perhaps the Northern Lights will appear? More sights lie ahead—such as pingos and sea ice—as you cruise the road to Tuktoyaktuk, a town at the edge of the continent.

This is Tundra North Tours’ Canadian Arctic Reindeer Signature Package—a four-day winter adventure combining Inuvialuit culture, natural wonders and a close-up wildlife experience.

Why you should visit
  • Travel along an ice road to the isolated and culturally rich Arctic community of Aklavik.
  • Drive north along the new Mackenzie Valley Highway, then board a snowmobile for a scenic hour-long cruise across snowy tundra.
  • Marvel at a herd of 3,000 reindeer and meet the Inuvialuit people who lead these animals to their spring calving grounds—even assisting in the process.
  • Stay at a rustic basecamp and engage with your Inuvialuit hosts—listen to storytelling, participate in Arctic games and celebrate with a feast of traditional foods.
  • Watch the night skies for Aurora Borealis—which, at this latitude, appear on the southern horizon—before sleeping in a cozy cabin or optional igloo.
  • Continue your journey along one of Canada’s newest and most remote highways to edge of the continent and the town of Tuktoyaktuk.
  • View Pingo Canadian Landmark, an iconic example of this Arctic landform; gaze over the frozen Arctic Ocean; learn about Inuvialuit lifestyles from a local guide.
  • Return to Inuvik, shopping for crafts and gifts as you tour the economic centre of Canada’s Western Arctic.


Visitor information
  • Reserve Tundra North Tours: Canadian Arctic Reindeer Signature Package directly through the operator.
  • Includes accommodation (hotel/basecamp), regional/town tours, ice road and Mackenzie Valley Highway tour, cultural demonstrations/interactions, snowmobile tour, reindeer experience, local airport transfers and most meals.
  • Tour operates from late-February to early April.
  • This is a fully guided group tour, with a minimum group size of six and a maximum of 12; non-wheelchair accessible.
  • Restaurants, attractions and most services are available in Inuvik.
When to go
  • Late-February through early April offers longer days of sunlight and ideal snowpack and ice road conditions for all experiences.
  • April tours coincide with the annual Muskrat Jamboree, a multifaceted community event in Inuvik.
  • Aurora Borealis viewing is possible throughout the season.
Need to know
  • Tundra North Tours provides a full complement of winter outerwear: parkas, pants, boots, hats, mitts, scarves and snowmobile helmets; guests are responsible for additional clothing and personal items.
  • Traditional foods are served during the tours and at the basecamp; inquire about dietary restrictions; Inuvik is home to a variety of dining options.
  • The two-night stay in Inuvik is at a modern, full-service hotel located in the centre of town.
  • The one-night basecamp visit is in off-grid rustic cabins. Guests may also opt to stay in an igloo while at the basecamp for an additional charge.
  • The trip is suitable for all ages; guests will be required to walk short distances over varied terrain and snowpack.
Getting Here