Voltage & Electricity

Canadian appliances operate on 110 volts (60Hz), which is identical to the US voltage. A universal adaptor is required for overseas electrical devices. 

Main wall sockets (or power outlets) and plugs for 110 volts are two parallel flat blades. If those sockets are different from the ones used in your country you will need a socket converter.

Metric System of Measurement

Canada formally adopted the metric system in 1970. Metric units (e.g., centimetres, metres, kilometres, litres) replace the traditional imperial units common in the US (e.g., inches, feet, yards, miles, quarts).

gram is the unit of weight metre is the unit of length litre is the unit of volume Celsius is the unit of temperature - expressed as degree Celsius (Symbol: C) 

Use this handy metric-imperial converter to convert miles to metres, gallons to litres, pounds to grams, Fahrenheit to Celsius and more.