Biking Chilcotin-style

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The only thing better than a side trip cycling with friends is a couple of days spent conquering one of the most epic trails in British Columbia. In a province that’s world-renowned for its trails, that’s saying a lot. By car, floatplane and bike, we found the greatest bike park on the Pacific Rim. Some would call this unspoiled nature, but we certainly felt spoiled after taking in the winding trails and breathtaking views of Windy Pass.

Day 1
Road tripping
We woke up at dawn to get a head start on the day’s drive, our mountain bikes strapped to the car with a few well-placed bungee cords. First stop, Tim Horton’s to clear the cobwebs with coffee. Second stop, gas and a CD of local music. Then we drove for 4 hours while Scott sang along to every tune, whether he knew it or not. We made a quick stop to check out the rushing river and rustic signage in small-town Bralorne, and then got back on the road to Gold Bridge. Soon enough, we pulled into the Tyax Wilderness Resort where we'd be spending the night. From the window of Sean’s room we spotted the dock where our own personal floatplane would be waiting to fly us to Spruce Lake the next morning.
Day 2
Windy Pass
Another early morning, but the promise of an epic ride (and bacon, eggs and pancakes) was enough to get us going. We started the day with a few dives off the dock; the icy water worked better than coffee. The hum of our approaching floatplane - the only way to get around - got us out of the water and packing. With our bikes and gear flying with us, Sean spent the flight snapping photos with his phone, while the rest of us marveled at the lakes and mountain ranges below. When we landed at Spruce Lake, the landscape spread out in every direction. A small strip of trail was the only sign that anyone had been here before us. We mounted our bikes, clipped into our pedals and followed the trail through meadows, across streambeds, and past glaciers. By the time we circled back to the dock, the only thing on our minds was our next tour through Windy Pass.