Québec city: romance, culture and expanding waistlines

  • 497 km travelled
  • 03 croissant addictions
  • 01 parade joined

When we planned our trip to Québec City, we knew our taste buds were in for a treat, but what we weren’t prepared for was our lack of self-restraint. There were literally hundreds of cafés and patisseries, with each baked good looking better than the next. We’ve never eaten so much incredibly rich food in all our lives. This trip was all about indulgence peppered with some culture, as we fully immersed ourselves into the Québécois way of life. 

Day 1
Intro to decadence
We woke up in Québec City with a little bit of jet lag, but just the smell wafting from the cafés on the street helped us overcome it. We began our trip by taking a boat over to Grosse Île, an Irish memorial site. Lunch was along the St. Lawrence River at Café du Monde and was really rich and decadent, a great introduction to our Québécois culinary experience. Dinner at Panache was just as delicious. I realize I’ve written almost solely about food, but hey, when in Québec.
Day 2
Crazy pig
We started the day at Cochon Dingue, which translates to “crazy pig”. The consensus was that we could really get used to this pastry and handcrafted espresso thing. We walked off the croissants while checking out the 17th century buildings and heritage homes in Old Town Québec. We took the tram up to Château Frontenac, which has the most unbelievable view of the Plains of Abraham. We wondered why so many people were in 17th and 18th century clothing and found out that Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France, a five-day festival celebrating Québec’s culture, was just ramping up, so naturally we had to get suited up to fit in.
Day 3
Gourmet route
Gourmet delicacies are a defining part of Québec’s heritage, so we made it our mission to try as many of them as possible. Vu’s really into agrotourism, so we crossed the river to Île d’Orléans to visit the ranches and sample organic produce. We followed it up with a gourmet food walking tour of Old Town, and taste tested from some of Québec’s most acclaimed chefs. A foodie’s dream. We ended up at Dufferin Terrace, a sweet outdoor patio with awesome appys. Julie wanted to go dancing but we were too stuffed to move.
Day 4
Patio hopping
We woke up with slightly bigger bellies than yesterday, which was a sign that it was time to add a little exercise into our trip. We set out on bikes and rollerblades along the St. Lawrence River. We didn’t have any plans for the day so we asked a local for a recommendation and he pointed us in the direction of Wendake, a nearby First Nations region with some crazy-good art galleries. After Guylaine and I finally made our art selects we headed to the Saint-Roch drag. We had vowed to make it a real night out and Julie thought it was a good idea to start patio hopping early. We didn’t necessarily think it was as good of an idea the following morning, but it made for a pretty epic night.
Day 5
Landscapes for days
It was the last day of our trip, so Vu dragged us up early to make the most of it. A few locals had assured us that we didn’t want to miss Montmorency Falls, so we went first thing and got some awesome photos. Next we boarded a train to Baie-Saint-Paul, commonly referred to as an artist’s paradise for its landscapes. I’m a bit of an art-lover and was tempted to buy paintings from every single place. After checking out this super cool hotel that was designed by the same guy who opened Cirque du Soleil (think really grandeur), we got back on the train to wrap up our five-day whirlwind of awesome times and even better eats.