Vancouver to Whistler, Sea to Sky

  • 436 metres above ground
  • 01 underground train
  • 04 shots of vodka

Since moving to Vancouver, friends tease us about how we always talk about how gorgeous it is, so when our old neighbours came to visit we wanted to show them why we’ve fallen in love with the West coast. We took them to Whistler for a weekend via the Sea to Sky Highway; one of the world’s most scenic drives - and so much to explore. From paddleboarding, mountain hikes and a high-octane sea safari adventure to discovering First Nations culture, panning for gold (really!) and checking out Whistler’s legendary nightlife. When we said goodbye they agreed with us: the West coast is the best coast. Mission accomplished.

Day 1
Going for gold
"You can’t beat a road-trip dip", that’s what Dana said when she got us to all to jump in the lake after our adventure at Horseshoe Bay. Less than half an hour’s drive away from downtown we hopped into a zippy speedboat to play ‘race the ferryboat’. We watched bald eagles wheeling overhead and saw cute harbour seals snoozing in the sun - all before lunch. For fun we stopped to pan for gold at the mining museum next to Richie’s favourite cafe, and typically, lucky Jacintha found a little nugget. The drinks were on her that night.
Day 2
High in the sky
We’ll never forget the sound of the tribal drums and rhythmic singing at the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre; Jacintha was fascinated by the totem poles, and we learned to weave with cedar bark just like First Nations people have done here for centuries. Full of stories about eagles and mountains we went to see them for ourselves on the Peak2Peak gondola; eleven magical minutes floating between Whistler and Blackcomb, 436 metres above the ground, surrounded by pristine wilderness. Once we’d come back down to earth and sampled some of the town’s legendary sushi, Richie had promised he’d show us the winter wonderland side of Whistler - an ice bar! Vodka tastes great at minus 32 degrees.
Day 3
Walking on water
We needed to blow the cobwebs away this morning, so groaning at Kristina, who set the alarm, we hit the road early. She was right; a hike through the forest trails with the birds chirping and the sun streaming through the trees set us up for the day. Next stop, a paddleboard class - which turned into an impromptu yoga session - headstands on the water? Impressive stuff. Even more impressive? The beer festival in Whistler village - turns out there’s a huge craft brewing scene here - Eli was in heaven. Usually we’re so sad at the end of a trip but this one had one final treat: that gorgeous Sea to Sky Highway view all the way back to the city.