Vancouver's flavours floatplanes and cherry blossoms

  • 02 float plane rides
  • 12 kinds of Dim Sum
  • 04 craft cocktails

One of the great things about travelling with good friends? You don’t have to be joined at the hip. Will and Sherezad like to take it easy while the rest of us dive straight in. When we headed to Vancouver our usual trip rules applied: we soaked up the culture and the guys joined us for the foodie bits. We packed in a lot over three days; soared like Canada Geese over Stanley Park in a float plane to Bowen Island, took a food tour around Chinatown and ate delicious Dim Sum, strolled through the confetti of cherry blossoms in a gorgeous garden and got to see amazing First Nations totem poles. Result? Our most awesome adventure yet.

Day 1
Tea and gardens
We left the others snoozing and headed to the Nitobe gardens that Erica had been raving about; she was absolutely right; we went overboard taking photos but it was so beautiful we couldn’t help it. An authentic Japanese garden in the heart of a Canadian city, so cool. After our first tea ceremony we decided that’s how all tea needs to be served. The guys texted to say they’d heard about a quirky cocktail bar in the funky Yaletown district -with its own barbershop. They got the hot towels, we got craft cocktails. Now everyone’s looking good.
Day 2
Float plane dreams
Definitely Raya’s highlight; the float plane was pretty loud on take off but you could still hear her shrieks of excitement over the engine. Talk about a bird’s eye view; we cruised over Vancouver spotting landmarks from yesterday - Erica got to sit with the pilot and swears she saw a totem pole. A smooth landing with barely a splash, then a hike with our guide through the woods, past rust-coloured arbutus and towering cedars _ it gave us all gave quite an appetite. It’s true what they say, food does taste better outdoors. Especially when you’re not cooking.
Day 3
Culture bites
Food and culture? Count everyone in. Will found the perfect activity for our last day; a food walking tour where we got to learn about the history of Vancouver’s Chinatown and gobble up delicious bites along the way. There was even the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden for Erica; she didn’t want to leave! Only the promise of lunch tempted her away from the willow trees. Our guide was hilarious; and so knowledgeable - lunch with a local foodie expert who taught us all how to order Dim Sum like pros? Best idea ever.