Whistler Winter getaway

In Whistler, the locals live for the outdoors. I decided we should follow their lead. After a scenic drive up the Sea-To-Sky Highway we spent the next three days overdosing on snow. We skied, of course. We snowshoed and snowmobiled in the backcountry. We cross-country skied, tobogganed and even walked in the treetops. Naturally with so many physical exertions we ate seafood and Pemberton beef to keep our strength up. And drank BC beer and wine to keep our spirits up. Our days were filled and so were our cameras. It all went by so fast.

Day 1
Two mountains, unlimited action
It started snowing as we headed out. Perfect. Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain are actually side-by-side. Between the two of them there are a lot of runs and a lot of fresh tracks. Yes! (Fist pump!) We got separated on the hill – Phillip won’t wait for anyone. But we all met up later for food and drinks. Après-ski we shared some local beers (I love Whistler Brewing’s Winter Dunkle) while roasting marshmallows over an open fire. Nothing beats a warm, gooey marshmallow on a cold evening. Phillip cooked most of them. He also ate most of them. I don’t know how he had room for a burger and beer later that night.
Day 2
Snowshoes and snowmobiles
I hate wasting daylight. I kicked everyone out of bed, before tucking into a plate of maple smoked bacon and eggs. I knew I’d need energy to hit the snowshoe trails. After the rush of skiing yesterday, snowshoeing felt so serene. But it’s still an incredible workout. In the afternoon we gave our legs a much-needed break. We stopped to eat a hearty soup so thick it was more like a stew. Then we rented snowmobiles and went on a backcountry tour, cruising through old growth forest and along frozen lakes. Beautiful. The shadows were long by the time we made our way back. None of us felt like cooking so we popped into a local pub for a light supper. Later that night we gathered on the balcony of our chalet and raised a few glasses of wine. What a long day. Cheers to us!
Day 3
Our last hurrah
I was determined to make our last day memorable. After a breakfast of yogurt and cereal we suited up and rented some cross-country skis. We gave ourselves a couple of hours to explore the well-groomed trails. Then we dropped the skis off, grabbed a quick lunch and rented some traditional wooden toboggans. Very cool. Phillip began playing a game of trying to trade toboggans mid-hill. It made for some spectacular spills. Later that afternoon we managed to squeeze in a visit to TreeTrek, where we climbed through the treetops on suspended bridges and platforms. (Mental note: we should come back in the summer to try the zip lines.) It was a great way to have one final look at Whistler. None of us wanted to leave, but as we packed up the car, we knew we’d be back. Soon.