Yukon 1x1: An Instagram Road trip (Yukon)

Five friends and some of the world's most revered Instagram users took a road trip across the Yukon to venture the unseen and capture amazing shots with their mobile phones. Here's a preview of their trip.


Dolphins in Johnstone Strait (British Columbia)

A pod of dolphins puts on a splashtastic show for a few lucky boaters off the coast of British Columbia. There are all sorts of ways you can see whales in Canada from the close up view from kayaks, to the speedy exploration on zodiacs, and the comfort of well-appointed cruise boats.


Elk at Parc Oméga in Montebello (Quebec)

Canadians are known to be friendly; and it’s not just the people we’re referring to. Check out this welcoming Canadian encounter on a Quebec safari. If you want to get in touch with Canadian wildlife you could learn to speak moose. Or discover more about wildlife in Canada by visiting one of our premier natural science museums.


Kayaking in Vancouver (British Columbia)

Every kayaking dog has its day. Put a smile on your face and check out this pooch getting a tour of False Creek and Stanley Park in Vancouver by kayak.


Canada Shared by Canadians

We asked Canadians to pick up their cameras and share some of Canada's best travel experiences, here is the result. Discover more amazing photos and videos of real inspiring journeys.


EdgeWalk Flyby at the CN Tower in Toronto (Ontario)

Walk on the edge of The CN Tower 356m above the streets of Toronto. Your adrenaline will be pumping as you take in magnificent views of Toronto’s waterfront. Like your high-flying adventure without the vertigo? Try a helicopter tour above Niagara Falls.


Faceplant in Purcell Mountains (British Columbia)

Canadian landscapes can be truly distracting. Check out what happens when you start looking at the mountains rather than the snow. Then plan your own ski holiday in Canada and aim not to bail. Or if you do; get it on tape and share it with us.


Black Bear Sliding Down a Snow Slope in Whistler (British Columbia)

There are a million ways to stay cool during a Canadian summer: here’s one that’ll bring out the child in you. Visit Canada to see loads of wildlife and make your own memorable experiences.


The Sour Toe Cocktail in Dawson City (Yukon)

Join Captain Al Sider of the infamous Sourdough Saloon in Dawson City, as he describes one of the Yukon Territory's most unique and well-known traditions -- taking a shot of whiskey, with a severed toe in the glass. Learn more about Dawson City's Klondike National Historic Sites and the Sourdough Rendezvous Festival.


The Ultimate Bike Festival, Crankworx 2013 in Whistler (British Columbia)

Destination Canada was on hand at the world's ultimate downhill bike festival, Crankworx 2013 in beautiful Whistler BC. Discover more summer activities in Whistler.


Alexander Keith's Brewery in Halifax (Nova Scotia)

Founded in 1820, the Alexander Keith's Brewery in Halifax is one of the oldest breweries in North America. Join guides in period costume, as they tour this facility and share the history and culture behind their beer -- and around life in Halifax back in 1863.


Quirpon Island Experience (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Explore the waters with Ed English, as he goes kayaking by Quirpon Lighthouse Inn, which is located right off of Quirpon Island. This area is a popular destination for tourists, as it boasts the longest whale-watching and iceberg viewing season in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Waterton Lakes National Park (Alberta)

Waterton Lakes National Park is located in the southwest corner of Alberta, and shares a border with the Glacier National Park in Montana. Celebrated for its rugged mountains and wilderness, Waterton Lakes National Park is open year-round, and boasts many scenic trails -- including the Crypt Lake trail.


Arctic Polar Bears (Nunavut)

Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut, provides visitors with an opportunity to explore the Arctic, and study its wildlife -- which includes polar bears, belugas, walruses and caribou.